Custom Made Services

At Burnaby Orthopaedic & Mastectomy we offer extensive options to service the vast orthopaedic needs of our clients.  In keeping true to our “Supporting from the Ground Up” philosophy we offer:

Custom Made Foot Orthotics
Custom Made AFO’s
Custom Made Knee Braces
Custom Shoe Modifications

Custom Made Foot OrthoticsPronation_Image_1

A quick scan of the internet will tell you that there are hundreds of companies that provide ‘custom’ foot orthotics.  There are very few regulations as to who can sell a foot orthotic and not all companies provide a product that is reimbursable by Extended Benefits providers.  The manufacturing techniques we use in our onsite lab fit the requirements set forth by Extended Benefits providers and Government agencies.

With Foot Orthotics readily available at many stores, it is client education and willingness to stand by our product that sets us apart from the competition.  We also use a wide range of materials including plastics, corks, carbon fibres and high density foams to manufacture our orthotics.  Our manufacturing time in our lab is typically 5-6 business days, but rush requests can usually be accommodated.

View our Custom Made Foot Orthotics

Custom Made Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFO’s)anatechafo

We provide many different AFO solutions for many different conditions.  The braces we provide include The Richie Brace, Cascade DAFOs, Leaf Spring AFO’s, Swedish AFO’s, Solid Ankle AFO’s and  Patellar tendon bearing AFO’s.  The braces can be built with a variety of hinges including straight or dorsi-assist  Tamarack joints and Oklahoma style joints.  These custom products accommodate all shapes and sizes ranging from pediatric clients with conditions like cerebral palsy to our elderly population with conditions like drop foot post-CVA (stroke).

We have also had great success with OTS carbon fibre AFO’s.  These products are extremely light weight, low profile and have excellent energy return.  We carry the Fillauer Dynamic Walk, Allard Toe Off and Ossur Dynamic.

View our AFO’s here

Custom Made Knee BracesU1 Anterior

At Burnaby Orthopaedic we assess for, provide and service custom made knee braces.  The brands we provide mostly are Ossur (Generation 2), Breg, Bledsoe and Donjoy.  These braces can be used to treat conditions like Osteoarthritis (medial or lateral), Ligament tears (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL), and hyperextension.

There are a few providers of custom knee braces.  Assuming each company provides a comparable product, what sets us apart is:

  • Client education/training
  • Fitters with many years experience
  • Willingness to help you submit quotes and paperwork to your Extended Benefits insurer

The three main benefits to having a knee brace custom made are:

  1. Accurate sizing
  2. Proper leg alignment (genu varum/bowleg or genu valgum/knock knee)
  3. Warranty

View our line of Custom Made Knee Braces here.

Custom Shoe Modificationsshoe lift

We provide a variety of shoe modifications to enhance the fit and/or function of footwear.  These modifcations include:

  • lateral buttress –> control over-supination
  • medial buttress –> control over-pronation
  • rocker sole –> rigid 1st toe, forefoot conditions
  • sole elevation –> leg length discrepancy
  • width or point stretching –> bunions, pressure points


View our shoe modifications here.