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Lymphedema is a common condition where lymph nodes have been removed thus impairing the lymphatic system and often causing swelling in the affected limb.  Although our bodies have lymph nodes throughout, the majority of lymphedema garments we carry or custom measure are for arms and legs.  There are many garments which can now be worn by those with lymphedema and these choices are often discussed between health care provider and patient before they come to our office.  These garments come in a variety of compression levels depending on the severity of the condition and the goals of the practitioner and healthcare provider.  Under the instruction of a health care provider some clients choose to purchase or rent a lymphedema pump which allows them to treat their condition at home.

Some of the aforementioned garments include READYWRAP, CircAid, off the shelf sleeves and gloves and custom made stockings, sleeves, compression shorts, and gloves.  Please visit our Product section for more information.  Currently Lymphedema arm sleeves both off the shelf and custom made are ELIGIBLE for PHARMACARE coverage if your yearly deductible has been met. For coverage for other garments or sleeves we ask that you check your private extended benefits.


When looking for a breast form (formally called a breast prosthetic) women have many options available to them.  It’s most common immediately following a Mastectomy a woman is given a weightless puff.  Once the drainage tubes have been removed many women choose to be fitted for a weighted breast prosthetic which is commonly made from foam or some type of silicone.  These forms fit nicely into a Mastectomy bra.  Breast forms or prosthetics come in a range of sizes from 1-15 depending on the individual’s preference and cup size.  At Burnaby Orthopaedic & Mastectomy we strive to carry a large range and choices of sizes to meet each our client’s needs.  We invite you to visit our product sections for more details and pictures.  These forms are ELIGIBLE for PHARMACARE coverage if your yearly household deductible has been met.  The maximum coverage is $450.00.  Check your extended benefits for private coverage.  Extended benefits companies commonly cover one form and two bras within a stated period time.

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