Upper Extremity

Upper Extremity Bracing

We offer a wide variety of appliances to give you pain relief for injuries such as carpal tunnel, epicondylitis, and wrist/elbow/shoulder sprains or strains.  The majority of our products have metal or rigid plastic in them which qualifies for reimbursement by most extended benefits companies.

Shoulder Braces

The shoulder braces we provide include Anatech, Breg, DonJoy, and Ossur. These braces can be used to treat acute injuries, such as shoulder separations, subluxations, and dislocations, as well as post-operatively. View our products here.

Torso and Back Braces

We fit an array of cervical and lumbar orthoses which provide support ranging from basic through to rigid.  We are able to fit semi-rigid lumbar supports, sacro-iliac belts, TLSO’s, and rigid hyperextension back braces. View our products here.

Elbow Braces

We carry a variety of elbow braces for injuries from Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow to post-surgical immobilization. Our products include familiar brands such as Aircast, Anatech, Breg, Ossur, and Medspec. View our products here.

Wrist and Thumb Braces

Our wrist and thumb braces are from Anatech, Medspec, and Ottobock. These can be used for minor sprains and strains as well as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. View our products here.