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Billing Options

Coverage Options:

Ministry of Social Development
Canadian Forces
Extended Benefits Providers

Ministry of Social Development (PWD)

For clients with coverage through PWD:

  1. Obtain a Orthoses Request and Justification Form from the District Office nearest you
  2. Have the District Office fill out Section 1
  3. Have your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner fill out Section 2.
  4. Have us fill out Section 3 and submit the form with a quote to the Ministry.


  • In certain instances we may request the paperwork on your behalf provided we have a Consent Form signed
  • A doctor’s prescription may replace Section 2 provided it contains ALL the information requested in Section 2.

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WorkSafe BC

We can directly bill WorkSafe BC. We need a doctor’s referral and a claim number. WorkSafe BC approval is required before the device is released to the client. Please visit WorkSafe BC’s website. Some of the items covered can be found here:  Orthotic Codes

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Medavie Blue Cross

Medavie Blue Cross administers coverage for the following agencies:

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

  • A doctor’s referral and a valid ID card with a ‘K’ number are required. A request is then faxed to DVA. Prior approval is required before the brace can be released. Please visit the DVA website.  Some of the benefits available for DVA members can be found here.

Canadian Forces

  • Medavie Blue Cross administers coverage for members of the Canadian Forces.  Prior approval is typically required before the item can be released.


  • Medavie Blue Cross administers coverage  (sometimes only partial) for the products listed in their benefit grid.  A list of some of the items availabel can be found here: rcmp grid


  • We are able to provide items for clients with coverage through the Interim Federal Health Program.  A doctor’s prescription with a diagnosis is required.

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Non-Insured Health Benefits (FNIHB)

A prescription and diagnosis are required from a Physician or Nurse Practitioner. A request is faxed to the FNIHB and prior approval is required before a device can be dispensed.

More information can be found on NIHB’s website.

Click for a list of Orthotic Benefits and Compression Garments.

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A doctor’s referral is required as well as a claim number. ICBC approval is required before the device is released to the client. Please visit ICBC’s website.

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If you are a resident of British Columbia and have had a Mastectomy you are eligible for financial coverage through the Fair PharmaCare Program.  This program has a deductible which must be satisfied.  For your convenience we have the Pharmacare software in our office.  This enables us to inform you during your appointment what your coverage is. Items Eligible for PharmaCare coverage

Pharmacare’s website

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Extended Benefits

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Payment Options


  • Cash
  • Interac
  • Visa
  • Mastercard



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