Ossur Shoulder Braces

Ossur Shoulder Bracessmartsling immobilization



  • Low-profile, sporty look for comfort and compliance
  • Quick release buckles for easy don and doff
  • Included, optional axilla pillow for even pressure distribution, reducing pressure on ulnar nerve
  • Immobilization for rotator cuff repairs



Clavicle Support front closure clavicle support backfront closure clavicle support

  • Unique supportive clavicle splint
  • Features front closure design for convenience in application
  • Comfortable padding over clavicle area






Padded Strap Shoulder ImmobilizerPadded-Strap-Shoulder-Immobilizer-02

  • Padded pressure sensitive straps improve comfort
  • Waist strap is easily adjusted or can be removed
  • Deep pocket design
  • Two adjustment points for each strap allows for better fit
  • Hook and loop closure make it easy to adjust