Anatech Shoulder Braces

anatechshoulderacAnatech Shoulder Braces

AC Protector


  • Shoulder sleeve to protect acromioclavicular (AC) joint
  • Particularly useful in contact sports, i.e. rugby, football, lacrosse, hockey
  • Donut buttress inserted around AC joint will help dissipate any pressure to the area
  • Made in 3mm breathable AnaPrene
  • Reinforced pads also available (sold separately)
  • Adjustable stackable pad to protect AC joint (sold separately)
  • Washable

Shoulder Restraintanatechshoulder


  • Limits range of motion of the shoulder and helps restrict rotation
  • Adjustable VelcroTM strap provides restriction of movement to suit the needs of the patient
  • Washable with gentle soap and air dry
  • Will accept pad to protect acromioclavicular joint
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh torso
  • Helps reduce possibility of dislocation of GH joint
  • Restricts movement after glenohumeral injuries or rotator cuff injuries