Breg Elbow Braces

Breg Elbow Braces

Hex Elbow Brace hex_000


  • Slip-on half wrap bicep sleeve
  • “X” anterior straps with strap-lock buckle
  • Adjustable hinges to control desired ROM (0° – 40° extension / 45° – 90° flexion)
  • Half Airmesh for breathability and half neoprene
  • Additional elbow foam padding to protect olecranon process



T-Scope Elbow Brace TScopeElbow_195


  • Lightweight brace weighs just 13 oz.
  • Low profile design conforms to patient’s arm
  • Telescoping forearm and humeral bars
  • ROM control in 10° increments: extension control from -10° to 110°, flexion control from 10° to 120°
  • Lock-out ability at any angle with drop lock
  • Comfortable accessory to reduce flexion, extension and rotation of the wrist.