Walking Boots

Walking Boots

Ossur Rebound Air Walker


  • Connected medial and lateral air bladders with single inflation point ensures balanced compression around the Achilles
  • Integrated pump and release allows easy pressure adjustments without extra accessories
  • EVA foot bed ideal for shock absorption at the heel
  • Rocker bottom sole promotes smooth, stable gait through stance phase
  • Vented shell and moisture wicking soft lining designed to improve patient comfort
  • Available in Long and Short models


Aircast Air Select Walker air select1

The Standard walking boot offers a moderate level of support and Aircast’s quality, effectiveness and comfort in an economical model. The main indications for the Standard are:

  • Stable fracture of foot/ankle/lower leg
  • Severe ankle sprain
  • Post-operative immobilization


The Standard has a durable, semi-rigid shell that supports the limb while providing protection. Housed within the shell are two adjustable distal aircells that provide compression and support the malleoli. SoftStrike technology absorbs and dissipates shock, while the light weight and lab-tested rocker sole combine to encourage a natural gait and a continuation of everyday activities.

Genesis Full Shell Walker

The Genesis Walker is the lightest full shell pneumatic walker on the market. It has been computer engineered to provide strength where required while eliminating extra weight.

Product Features

  • Built-in air pump
  • Durable hard shell design
  • Trim-able shell
  • Narrow heel width
  • Dynamic air stride technology
  • Dual air chambers
  • Scalloped no-slip tread