Knee Immobilizers

Knee Immobilizers

Breg T-Scope PremierTScopePremier_044

The Breg T Scope Premier Post-Op knee brace is designed to provide protected, controlled range-of-motion for patients recovering from knee surgery or those who have knee injuries or instabilities. The brace is comfortable, lightweight, simple to apply, and easily adjustable for a personal fit.

It features a patented, user-friendly hinge to control the range of motion of the patient’s knee. It is universal, and fits most patients so there is less inventory.  The T Scope Premier post-op knee brace brings a time-tested design, easy-to-use features, high performance, and unprecedented comfort to help ensure patient compliance.


  • Range of Motion hinge  with quick-adjusting flexion and extension stops
  • Extendable calf and thigh struts for optimal fit
  • Easy-to-use drop lock system

Ossur Innovator DLX+DLX+_Leg_Lateral

The simple, versatile post-operative knee bracing solution that is easy for everyone!

  • OneTouch™ hinge for ease of adjustment
  • Reusable ROM locks for easy, accurate and quick fitting that ensures patient compliance
  • Quick release buckles for easy donning and doffing
  • Brace expander assists fit and increases staff efficiency
  • Lockout at -10°
  • Available in both a full soft good version and a cool version


Post-op/post-injury ROM control or immobilization



Medspec Universal Knee Immobilizer medspec knee

This lightweight, foam knee immobilizer provides a wide range of fittings.
A key benefit is the reduction of migration due to the five elastic circumferential straps holding it firmly in place.
Malleable medial and lateral stays provide customization for additional support.
Sturdy posterior stays keep the leg in full extension.