Rehab Braces and Equipment

Cold Therapy, Walking Boots and Knee Immobilizers

Walking Boots

Whether you are looking for a simple “stick and foam” walking boot with a rocker bottom or a rigid rocker bottom healing boot to stabilize a fracture or a stain we are able to supply you with the appropriate boot.

These rehabilitation boots come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large and are becoming more common place than casts.  They have a straight last meaning there is no left or right so it’s a product you can wear when required.  If you already have a boot we liners are available and sold separately.

Walking Boots

Achilles Boots

If you have been prescribed an Achilles tendon boot due to a rupture you will be fitted in one of the rigid boots as described above.  The only difference being your Orthopaedic Surgeon will ask for individual lifts which over time will be removed as healing takes place.

Cryo Therapy

Over the last few years many Surgeons are suggesting their patients obtain some type of cryo therapy unit after surgery.  These units are often used to control swelling and reduce/manage pain.  As they become more popular and widely prescribed some insurance companies are reimbursing the purchase price.  We would suggest you contact your insurance company to see if the $325.00 is covered by your insurance company.

We carry both the Polar Care and the Kodiak units.   Both devices come with a cooler which circulates while plugged in and individual wraps may be purchased depending on the effective area.  These devices are multi use appliances and can be worn while doing daily activities.

Cold Therapy

Immobilization Knee Braces    

Immediately after surgery or an injury to a knee it is common that people will be prescribed an immobilizer/rehabilitation knee braces.  These are often 16-20” long with metal stays which can be locked in full extension and later adjusted for flexion and extension as determined by your healthcare professional.  These braces are easily adjusted and come with a foam liner and Velcro straps.  These braces are meant for temporary use and the average lifespan or wearing is 6-12 months as determined by your health care professional.

Knee Immobilizers