Markell Pediatric Braces

Markell Pediatric Braces

Denis Browne Splint / TARSO Open Toe Boot

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  • Denis Browne Splint comes in either fixed or adjustable lengths
  • Splints have two pre-drilled holes on foot plate for easy attachment to TARSO Open Toe Boots
  • Foot plates have angle markings in 5 and 10 degree increments
  • TARSO Open Toe Boots are built on Tarso Medius straight last and Tarso Pronator full abduction, outflare last
  • Boots are made from soft tanned leather with extra padding at back of the boot as well as under the tongue
  • Boots have two screw receptacles set flush at the bottom of the sole for easy splint attachment
  • For patients looking for nonsurgical treatment of club foot