Pediatric Braces

Pediatric Braces

At Burnaby Orthopaedic we pride ourselves on servicing all populations within our community and are proud of the variety of children’s braces we carry.

These items range from paediatric foot orthotics (both off-the-shelf and custom) along with Cascade DAFO’s & SMO’s which are also off-the-shelf or custom made.  These braces are very economical and comfortable to wear for children who require such an orthotic.  We also carry an inventory of fracture boots when a cast is not chosen by a physician.

Along with pavlik harness braces we also carry rigid and semi-rigid knee braces for ligament or soft tissue injuries.

If a wrist splint is required we carry the Otto Bock brand, which comes in exciting colours.

If you require any of these products, we ask you to call our office to see if we have the correct size in stock.

Cascade DAFO’s

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