Lower Extremities

Knee Braces, Ankle Braces & AFO’s

Knee Braces – Ligament and Osteoarthritis

We provide many different options ranging from basic knee supports for stability while walking, hiking, running, and participating in sports to custom made ligament braces to stabilize ACL, MCL, PCL, and LCL instabilities or complete tears.  Our Osteoarthritis knee braces are light weight and used to reduce pain while partaking in daily activities such as walking, hiking, golfing, tennis, skiing, water sports, etc…  Osteoarthritis knee braces are a possible solution for those who are not surgical candidates for knee replacements or people who want to stay active while waiting for knee replacement surgery. Go to Knee Braces

Ankle Braces

We carry a wide range of ankle products for many instabilities and conditions.  The brand names include, but are not limited to Aircast, ASO, OttoBock, Anatech, Swedo, Active Ankle, Ossur, and Breg. Go to Ankle Braces


Burnaby Orthopaedic offers many AFO solutions.  We provide OTS carbon fibre AFO’s and custom made products like the Richie brace.  We also offer devices that mount externally like the Turbomed FS 3000, Dictus Band, and Ossur Foot-Up. Go to AFO’s

Calf Sleeves

We supply calf sleeves that offer great compression.  These products can help reduce symptoms of shin splints, calf injuries and help improve circulation.  Products lines from Anatech and Sigvaris are available.

See our calf sleeves

Foot Products

We offer devices ranging from toe caps, to hallux valgus splints and metatarsal pads.

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