Lymphedema & Compression Therapy

Lymphoedema & Compression Therapy

What is lymphedema?

The BC Lymphedema Association defines lymphedema as when “protein-rich fluid known as lymph collects typically in the arms or legs resulting in pain, decreased mobility, recurrent soft tissue infections and permanent disability”.

Compression Therapy

Our compression inventory is expansive and we carry a large array of compression for both lymphedema and venous inefficiency. We have staff on site who are certified fitters and do measurements by appointment, they are able to answer any questions you may have. The products we carry are made in Europe using premium materials.

Our compression stocking inventory ranges from low compression travel socks (8-15mmHg) to 40-50mmHg compression pantyhose. The stockings range in length from calf, thigh, to pantyhose.

We provide both off-the-shelf compression stockings, as well as custom-made for an optimal fit. Our custom-made garments are considered Medical Grade compression, and range from 20-30mmHg to 40-50mmHg. The custom nature of these garments allows for a variety of special features including zippers, silicone tops, and extra heel cushioning.

We also carry compression wraps as an alternative to stockings should they become difficult to put on or loosen too much during the day. These wraps come in compression from 20-30mmHg to 40-50mmHg and are very cost efficient. They are known as CircAid Wrap or Ready Wraps, are available in calf length or thigh wraps, and be worn for 24 hours.


We carry a large selection of off-the-shelf arm sleeves, gauntlets, gloves, and one-piece garments. These garments come in compression levels of 15-20mmHg to 30-40mmHg, as well as regular or long fit.

If you are a candidate for a custom garment, we are able to measure and fit you on site. All custom garments are made in Europe, and take 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Those who have lymphedema as a result of breast cancer are eligible for two sleeves per year covered under the BC Pharmacare program. Eligibility is based on your household deductible established by the BC government.


Our fitters are able to measure and fit those who require custom-made compression shorts.

Compression Socks Vancouver

Compression Socks Vancouver