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Custom Foot Orthotics, Orthopaedic Braces, Compression Therapy and Mastectomy Products

At Burnaby Orthopaedic we offer a diverse selection of custom made and off-the shelf orthotics and bracing solutions.  We have been located 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver in the heart of Burnaby by Metrotown since 1992.

Custom Made and Off-the-Shelf Foot Orthotics

At Burnaby Orthopaedic we stock off-the-shelf orthotics and manufacture custom made foot orthotics in our on-site lab. We use 3D volumetric casting methods in the manufacturing of our custom orthotics which meets extended benefits criteria for reimbursement of custom foot orthotics.

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Knee Braces, Ankle Braces and AFO’s

Our Certified Orthotist and Pedorthist fit an array of Lower Extremity products ranging from off-the-shelf and custom made AFO’s, KAFO’s, and PTB’s.  Our knee brace options are extensive and range from basic knee supports to custom made Ligament and Osteoarthritis braces. We provide knee bracing options from Breg, DonJoy, Ossur, and Bledsoe.

See our Knee Braces, Ankle Braces and AFO’s

Breast Forms/Prosthetics and Mastectomy Bras

We offer a large selection of Amoena and Trulife breast forms and post-mastectomy bras. Our certified fitters will help counsel you on the options that are most suitable for your individual lifestyle. We are online with Pharmacare to expedite the billing process and can help navigate you through the extended benefit process.

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Compression Stockings, Lymphedema Sleeves and Lymphedema Sleeves and Arterial Pumps

Our options for compression therapy are vast and include travel socks, performance socks, recovery socks and therapeutic socks (8-15mmHg, 15-20mmHg, 20-30mmHg, 30-40mmHg, and 40-50mmHg). When applicable we also measure for custom made stockings. The brand names we carry for compression stockings are Sigvaris, Jobst, Medi, and Juzo. We also provide compression garments and pumps for Lymphedema.   Along with night garments we supply Lymphedema pumps, arterial pumps and accompanying sleeves.

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Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist & Thumb Braces

We supply solutions for shoulder, elbow, wrist and thumb injuries designed to treat both acute and chronic problems. These devices serve various needs for post-surgical applications, sport and occupational use.

See our Upper Extremity Braces here

Back Braces

We fit an array of back orthoses which provide basic support through to rigid support. We are able to fit semi-rigid lumbar supports, sacro-iliac belts, TLSO’s, and rigid hyperextension back braces. We carry the brand names Ossur, Breg, Trulife, Anatech, Medpec, Serola and Spinomed. These products are suitable for conditions such as sacro-iliac pain, basic back pain, degenerating disc disorder, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, and fractures.

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Thigh Sleeves, Hernia Belts, and Compression Shorts

We provide a variety of braces and compression shorts to assist with disorders involving the thigh, core and torso. These include hernia belts/trusses, thigh sleeves, hip shields and compression shorts.

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Rehab Products: Cold Therapy Devices and Knee Immobilizers

An increasingly popular option in post-injury and post-operative care is the use of Cold therapy systems for pain management and edema control. We stock the Ossur Cold Rush and Breg Polar Care Kodiak systems to assist with our client’s rehab. The most common uses are following knee or shoulder injury/surgery. Products found in this section also include walking boots, knee ROM devices and knee immobilizers.

See our Rehabilitation aids here

Pediatric Braces – Walking Boots, Knee Braces and Wrist Braces

Walking boots, knee sleeves, and wrist braces are some of the options available for our pediatric clients. Custom made options are available when needed and we also have access to a variety of suppliers to source the hard to find products for your wee ones.

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Orthopaedic Shoes and Footwear

We fit extra-depth, extra-wide orthopaedic footwear to accommodate a variety of conditions including bunions, hammertoes, and other deformities. We also provide footwear for our wound care clients who require off loading.

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