Markell Pediatric Braces

Denis Browne Splints

Click picture to ZOOM Made of quality 24ST aluminum alloy. Gold anodized bar. Bar sizes: 6,7,8,9,10, and 12. Denis Brown Splints are supplied according to bar length. All foot plates have 3 small holes for attachment with rivets or sheet metal screws. Foot plates also have 2 larger holes for Splint Adaptor screws. All plates have protractor marked in 5 degree increments and are clear anodized.

Open Toe Boots

Click picture to ZOOM Features:

  • Two plated steel screw receptacles set flush in the bottom of each shoe so that splints and other appliances can be fastened directly to the shoe bottom without rivets or clamps
  • Full leather linings
  • Special toe posts or internal stiffeners on the inner border in the area of the first metatarsal
  • Detached tongues

Reverse last available in infant sizes 0000-5 (narrow and medium widths)

Straight last available in infant sizes 0000-8 (narrow and medium widths)

Available in white only

Reverse Last Boots

Characterized by outflare, the front of each shoe swings outward. This swing holds the forefoot in abduction, and turns the foot outward. Properly fitted, an outflare shoe should enable a toed-in child to walk straight or straighter at once, with absolutely no painful or deforming pressure on any part of the foot. Tarso Pronators have outer sole and heel wedges to help "pronate" the feet for purposes of correction. Tarso Pronators have elongated counters, rigid shanks, and reverse Thomas heels.

Black: Infant size 3 to Youth size 3
White: Infant size 0 to Child size 12
Brown: Infant size 3 to Youth size 5

Medium and wide widths available

Straight Last Boots

Click picture to ZOOM Tarso Medius shoes are made over straight lasts. They are completely neutral, without inflare or outflare. Straight last shoes are useful in transition from Tarso Pronator or Tarso Outflare to normal shoes, or for mild pigeon toe where an outflare shoe is considered too severe.

Straight last shoes have therapeutic value where there is some slight varus or inward swing of the forefoot, which is often associated with in-toeing gate. The foot may have been previously treated and substantially corrected with casts and splint, or the condition may have been considered too minimal to require early treatment.

Black: Infant size 3 to Youth size 6
White: Infant size 3 to Child size 12
Brown: Infant size 4 to Youth size 6

D & EE widths available