Lower Extremity

Knee Braces, Ankle Braces & AFO’s

Knee Braces – Ligament and Osteoarthritis

We provide many options from basic knee stability support to custom-made bracing options for knee ligament injuries (e.g. ACL tear) and osteoarthritis. These braces are lightweight and used to reduce pain during daily activities and sport use. They are also a possible solution for those not seen as surgical candidates for knee replacements or for those on a surgery waitlist. 

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Ankle Braces

We carry a wide range of ankle products for many instabilities and conditions.  The brand names include, but are not limited to Aircast, ASO, OttoBock, Anatech, Swedo, Active Ankle, Ossur, and Breg. 

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Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO)

Burnaby Orthopaedic offers many AFO solutions.  We provide off-the-shelf carbon fibre AFO’s as well as custom products.  We also offer devices that mount externally like the Turbomed FS 3000, Dictus Band, and Ossur Foot-Up.

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Foot Products

We offer devices ranging from toe caps, to hallux valgus splints and metatarsal pads.

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Walking Boots

Common examples of use include:

  • Ankle sprains and strains
  • Forefoot sprains
  • Stable foot fractures
  • Distal tibial fractures
  • Achilles tendon fractures
    (with additional heel lifts)

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