Knee Braces

Custom Made Knee Braces (semi-old pg)

Custom Made Knee Braces

Featuring brands like Ossur, Breg, Donjoy, Osskin, O3D, iBrace and Bledsoe we offer a premier product line of custom knee braces.  A custom made knee brace is advantageous due to more accurate sizing, excellent warranties and are built with the correct knee angle in mind (valgus/’knock knee’ or varus/’bow-leg’).  This type of brace is generally preferred for treating treat serious (grade 2 or 3) ligament injuries, meniscal tears or injuries, and osteoarthritis unloading applications.


Breg Custom Knee Bracesbreg

Offering models like the Fusion Ligament, LPR, X2K, and Fusion OA Plus.  Treating conditions like ligament tears, osteoarthritis, or a combination of both.

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Ossur Custom Knee Braces

Offering the Unloader One/Custom, CTi, Rebound Dual, Rebound PCL, and Paradigm.

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DonJoy Custom Knee Bracesdjo_g_logo

Product line includes the A22 and Defiance III.

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Osskin Custom Knee Braces

The Evoke OA Knee Brace is a 3D scanned and 3D printed knee brace with patented 3D asymmetric joints that reproduce the natural tri-dimensional kinematics of the knee.

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O3D Custom Knee Braces 

O3D braces are 3D scanned and 3D printed for knee ligament and OA conditions. The  BOATM suspension system is integrated.

iBrace Custom Knee Braces

iBrace braces are 3D scanned to guarantee perfect fit for maximum comfort.

Bledsoe Custom Knee Braces

Product line includes the Duo, Axiom, Z12 and Thruster knee braces.
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