Foot Orthotics

Custom-Made Orthotics

Custom-Made Foot Orthotics

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Daily activities

Whatever your daily activities may be, let us help keep you going for the long hours you spend on your feet. We make our foot orthotics as versatile as possible so that you can switch them between different choices of footwear. Foot orthotics come in different rigidity.

Whatever your foot orthotic needs may be we will do our best to accommodate them. All of our orthotics are available with a variety of coverings depending on your foot type, preferred footwear, activity level etc.







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The human body was designed to move! Let us help you achieve your sport and fitness goals by keeping your feet and legs in the optimal alignment. Whether you are a casual runner or a performance athlete, we have the knowledge and expertise to help keep you moving.

Your feet and legs will require different orthotics for different sports. Whether we are fitting soccer cleats, golf spikes or a basketball shoe we can help keep you active.







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Whether it be for your occupation, or daily activities, we can help make those long days on your feet more bearable. We have an extensive list of foot orthotic options to fit footwear from steel toe boots to dress shoes and everything in between.







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We also make a range of foot orthotics for children. The orthotics can treat a variety of conditions including pes planus (flat feet), sports injuries or pronounced in toeing/out toeing.

We also offer a replacement policy for children under the age of 18. Once a child grows out of the orthotic we will build the replacement pair for a lower price.

kids orth





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