Vancouver Orthotics

Vancouver Orthotics

Burnaby Orthopaedic & Mastectomy supply Vancouver with custom and off-the-shelf orthotics that can really help make standing on your feet a lot more enjoyable. If you’re having difficulty with walking, standing or any other activity that involves being on your feet, you may greatly benefit from a custom-made insert for your footwear. Take a look at what an orthotic can do for you:


- If you suffer with foot pain, you’re not alone! Almost 75% of the population deals with foot pain to one extent or another. Fortunately for most people, their pain is not on-going or serious. For those who experience foot pain to a higher degree, orthotics is the answer, as a well-made orthotic can alleviate and often even correct the condition.


- It may surprise you to learn that knee and back pain can be caused by walking in shoes that do not fit properly- and it’s not just the shoe’s fault. The foot has to properly sit on the insole in such a way to promote optimum function. Vancouver’s Burnaby Orthopaedic custom creates orthotics that can solve knee and back pain issues.


- Millions of people with diabetes turn to orthotics to reduce the stress and strain on the body resulting from nerve damage to the feet. 


- For patients with arthritis, orthotics can help to retain and enhance mobility that is often lost as the result of painful joints. 


- Since foot orthotics can be custom-tailored to each individual and their unique condition or issue, they can go a long way toward meeting people where they live and work. This is one product that can work for people in all walks of life, whether they stand on their feet for long periods of time, walk or run, move around or just sit with shoes on all day. It’s truly a one-size-fits-most solution.


Off-the-shelf orthotics are often a great option for those looking for a cost-efficient way to get relief from foot pain or secondary pain related to ill-fitting shoes or misalignment. You can order off the shelf orthotics from Burnaby Orthopaedic, including:


- Softec Response. A 1.6mm layer of Softec cushioning is added to the mouldable EVA base layer and topped off with a moisture-wicking top sheet. This footbed offers minimal cushioning, optimized to fit in most athletic shoes making it the best option for a diverse array of activities.


- Softec Ultra. A 3.2mm layer of Softec cushioning is added to the mouldable EVA base layer and topped off with a moisture-wicking top sheet. This footbed is ideal for loose-fitting footwear or specialized activities where maximum cushioning is preferable.


- Thin support. 

Our most minimal footbed consists of our classic mouldable orthopedic base layer combined with a simple moisture-wicking top sheet. Commonly used in soccer cleats and cycling shoes, they provide performance enhancing support in minimal, tight-fitting footwear.


- Anatech OTS footpads. Made in Germany and available in three pediatric sizes and six adult sizes.


Customers love Vancouver orthotics from Burnaby Orthopaedic & Mastectomy. For more information, visit online at or call 604-436-6092.

Vancouver Orthotics
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