Custom Orthotics Vancouver

Custom Orthotics Vancouver

Are you looking for a shop that sells custom orthotics in Vancouver? Stop in to Burnaby Orthopaedic & Mastectomy. They have a great selection of custom and off-the-shelf orthotics designed to make life a lot more comfortable for you.


What exactly is a foot orthotic? It’s a custom insole that is able to be inserted into footwear in order to achieve a desired result. Some functions of foot orthotics include:


- Re-align and support the feet and lower extremities

- Redistribute ground forces and improve shock absorption

enhance foot function

- Relieve and prevent symptoms of foot abnormalities/misalignment

- Accommodation of foot deformities


Orthotics work in conjunction with supportive footwear, so that your custom orthotic will only be as good as the primary support you’re getting from your shoe. They work fabulously well together as a means of providing exceptional foot support.


Foot orthotics are known by many names including insoles, inserts, orthotics, arch supports, foot pads and footbeds. They can be a extremely effective part of treatment for many different conditions including: plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arch pain, metatarsalgia, shin splints, knee pain, diabetes and arthritis.


Customers come into Burnaby Orthopaedic for custom orthotics in Vancouver because of their great selection, exceptional quality and affordable prices. Burnaby Orthopaedic offers custom orthotics for daily activities, sports and occupation. In order to be considered a custom-made orthotic, it must bee made from a 3D volumetric mold of the foot. This is a negative case- the positive mold is obtained from filling or scanning the negative case. The positive mold is then custom modified to create the necessary changes for the foot. The end product is made from the modified positive mold.


- For daily activities, a custom orthotic can help keep you comfortably standing on your feet for many hours, when this would otherwise not be possible. Burnaby Orthopaedic makes their custom orthotics in Vancouver as versatile as possible so they can be switched between footwear. Whatever your foot orthotic needs may be, they will do their very best to accommodate them!


- For sport activities, orthotics can help keep your feet in the optimal alignment. Whether you are a casual runner or a performance athlete, Burnaby Orthopaedic has the knowledge and expertise to keep you moving. 


- For occupation, orthotics can help make those extra-long days on your feet more bearable. Burnaby Orthopaedic has an extensive list of foot orthotic options to fit footwear from steel toe boots to dress shoes and everything in between.


- Burnaby Orthopaedic hasn’t forgotten about the needs of children. Their orthotics can treat a variety of conditions including flat feet, sport injuries or pronounced in-toeing and out-toeing. They also offer a replacement policy for children so that as they grow out of their orthotics, Burnaby Orthopaedic will replace them for half price.


For more information about the custom orthotics available at Vancouver’s Burnaby Orthopaedic & Mastectomy, visit online at Feel free to call one of their specialists at 604-436-6092 if you have any questions.






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Custom Orthotics Vancouver Custom Orthotics Vancouver Custom Orthotics Vancouver