Compression Socks Vancouver

Compression Socks Vancouver

Burnaby Orthopedics supplies compression socks to Vancouver residents looking for high quality products. Compression therapy is becoming more and more widely known as a means of increasing circulation to the lower limbs by strengthening vein support. 


If your doctor suggested that you begin wearing compression socks, or any other Lymphedema products, stop in to Burnaby Orthopedics & Mastectomy in Vancouver. They carry a great selection of products that are designed to help reduce the swelling of the arms, legs breasts or other part of the body. 


If you have had treatment for breast cancer and have had your lymph nodes removed from the armpit or breast region, fluid can back up in the arm or breast. If left untreated this build-up can be difficult to control. Lymphedema can develop even months or years after treatment for breast cancer. You can reduce the risk of developing Lymphedema by taking proactive measures such as exercising, elevating the arm, using drainage pumps or by purchasing sleeves and bandages designed for Lymphedema.


Compression socks, like Lymphedema products, can reduce swelling, only in their case, swelling in the lower legs. Compression socks allow for graduated construction, starting at the ankle and then working up to the leg. Compression socks work similar to a replicated muscle, adding pressure to the areas where restricted circulation is an issue. This can often loosen up the veins and reduce pain.


Those who suffer from chronic venous disease are candidates for compression therapy and are often advised to wear compression socks by their Vancouver doctors. Athletes can also benefit greatly from wearing compression socks. Compression technology has been proven to limit the swelling associated with spending all day on the feet. 


You’ll love the selection of compression socks from Burnaby Orthopaedic in Vancouver. Take a look at two of their most popular products:


Sigvaris. Available in:


- 230 cotton series, featuring 100% supima cotton, latex-free. These are breathable and durable and ideal for everyday wear.

- 500 Natural rubber series, a great therapeutic solution for those with long-term therapy needs.

- 780 Eversheer series, fashionable sheer medical gradated compression therapy for women with excellent breathability.

- 860 Select comfort series, for women in a wide range of sizing options, durable and comfortable in open or closed toe.

- 412 Performance socks and sleeves series, with thermal control to keep feet cool, dry and comfortable.


Jobst. Available in:


- Ultrasheer for women, available in knee-high, thug-high, waist-high and maternity with reinforced heel.

- Opaque for women in moisture-wicking Nilit fibers, available in four different compression levels.

- ActiveWear for men and women, with a wide comfort knee band and cushioned foot with seamless sole.

- Casual for men in contemporary, relaxed designs with reinforced heel.

- Sport for men and women with unique odor control in graduated compression.


If you’re interested in learning more about compression socks from Burnaby Orthopaedic & Mastectomy in Vancouver, stop by the shop on Kingsway or call one of their specialists at 604-436-6092.


Compression Socks Vancouver
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Compression Socks Vancouver Compression Socks Vancouver Compression Socks Vancouver