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A Close Look at Who All Can Use Orthotic Equipment for A Better Functioning Body

When it comes to the proper functioning of human body’s mechanics, especially the feet, the foot orthotics play an important role in ensuring correct positioning of bones in different parts of the body like knees, ankles and feet. The muscles and ligaments in the human body lead all the way up to the hips and help in holding the legs in place. But often, they do not stretch enough and lead to an aggravated injury.

Apart from their support functions, foot orthotics also help in reducing the fatigue and ensure better performance by the body muscles. The tissues connecting the muscles lose their strength over the course of time and this leads to instability in the lower regions on the body.

Another reason for deterioration of these bodily parts can be participation in sporting activities regularly. We are not against sporting activities, but if proper care and rest is not given to the legs, then it may lead to problems in the future. Orthotics help these sporty individuals by improving their strength, endurance and overall performance abilities. Obesity is another factor for failure or ligaments and muscles.

Whatever the problem might be, all people can benefit from foot orthotics while going about their day to day lives and having high intensity sporting activities. For people with history or foot or leg injuries these orthotics are a boon. Let us take a look who all can benefit from the orthotic equipment:

Patients with foot pain: Many people experience foot pains that vary to certain degrees. In majority of the cases, if the orthotics are adopted early, the sufferers can stop the condition from alleviating and correct it while it’s still manageable.

Patients with back and knee pain issues: A lot of people are exposed to high degrees of lingering pains in their back, hip area and lower back. These chronic pains can be taken care of by using custom orthotics as they will help fight the symptoms.

Diabetic patients: Diabetes is often the primary reason behind nerve damage in the lower body. This is accompanied by loss of sensitivity in the area due to increased stress and strain in the body. Orthotics help in reducing the strain and are used extensively.

Arthritis: It is one of the worst conditions that one can suffer from as it comes with a lot of pain. Orthotic equipment can help the patients boost mobility and reduce the stress on their bones.

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Understanding the Dynamics of Custom Orthotics to Get Better Products for Healing

There may be a number of reasons that will make you uncomfortable. However, there are also a few that are created solely to make you comfortable. Custom foot orthotics are one such innovation that are super easy to use and are extremely useful to provide the user with a number of great benefits.

Let us talk about what these custom foot orthotics are.

A simple foot orthotic is some kind of an insole. It is a kind of medical appliance that can be inserted inside footwear to achieve certain purposes like to realign and support the feet and lower extremities. Other functions include redistribution of ground forces and improvement of shock absorption. Then another function is to enhance foot function and to relieve and prevent the symptoms of foot abnormalities and foot misalignments. Then there is accommodation of foot deformities.

To ensure that these foot orthotics are fully useful, one needs to have them custom made and then combine them with supportive and appropriate footwear as well.

What are custom foot orthotics?

To be successfully custom-made, a foot orthotic needs to be made from a 3-Dimensional mould of the actual foot. Other foot orthotics are also available according to the size of the foot and these are not as effective as custom made foot orthotics. These are made for the users who prefer economical solutions to solve the problems of misalignment of the feet and other similar issues.

Custom foot orthotics are also very useful in conditions such as heel spurs, arch pain, knee pain, diabetes and arthritis. These are also some of the most common problems that several people face in their day-to-day life. Custom foot orthotics that combine compression therapy are great to solve all of these problems and give the wearer a much comfortable life. These custom foot orthotics are designed to the users nee by the 3-D modelling technique.

A great place to get custom foot orthotics and compression therapy soles is Burnaby Orthopedic and Mastectomy. This Orthotic & Bracing clinic was founded in 1992 and is currently one of the most successful and reliable clinic in the field of custom made orthotics. The experts here are highly skilled and experienced and are well versed with the problems that the customers generally face. Thus, they are equipped with latest techniques of providing relief to the customers. Try them now at www.burnabyorthopaedic.com and feel the difference.

Do Not Let Disabilities Slow Down Your Life- Avail Orthopedic Services Today

Having a major or minor disability should in no way limit your life. Instead, it should be an opportunity to face the challenges of life headlong and to deal with every situation with full confidence. If you require any kind of orthotics or braces, you should go for custom foot orthotics that are made especially for your feet and that give not only your feet but your whole body the confidence and energy that you deserve.

With Burnaby Orthopedic & Mastectomy, you can now walk with confidence and keep your head held high at all the times to come. Here is a quick look at the services that are available with Burnaby Orthopedic & Mastectomy.

  • Custom made foot orthotics – If your feet need orthotics, it is best to have them custom made. This help correct the posture and position of the feet and keep them straight and in good shape. These orthotics make life comfortable for you and make it easier to perform simple day to day tasks like driving, walking, jogging and standing.
  • Custom foot Orthotics for the ankle – These are focused more on your ankles and can be used by people of different conditions like those for pediatric clients, to patients of cerebral palsy and so on. These are also helpful for elderly clients who might have difficulty in walking due to certain reasons.
  • Custom made knee braces – These too are helpful for a number of people like athletes, elderly patients and patients of several other issues that limit the functioning of the knee due to several reasons. These braces help support the knee and keep it in a condition that makes it healthy and safe.
  • Custom shoe modifications – While some people can wear any kind of store bought shoes, there are some who must wear only custom made shoes as these are the only ones that fit them well. So, for all such purposes and other purposes like compression therapy, Burnaby will help provide the best products to give you full satisfaction and relaxation.

Burnaby Orthopedic & Mastectomy is a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are eager to serve anyone who approached them with a problem that can be solved with some simple answers like custom foot orthotics or compression therapy or any other solution. The team will help you reach the best possible situation for your concern and give you complete peace of mind.


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These blog posts will discuss a variety of topics pertinent to the field of orthotics, breast prosthetics, lymphedema and compression. The content within will be our opinions on issues in the field and concerns we come upon on a daily basis. We carry a wide range of products and the business of orthotics, breast prosthetics and compression is always evolving.  With this in mind we will discuss numerous topics which we feel are timely and pertinent to our readers.

Foot Orthotics

When our business was first established in 1992 the field of foot orthotics was largely one where every prescribed item was made from a plaster (negative) cast of the foot.  This cast was then filled with plaster and modified which created a positive mold. Material was then heated and formed to create the custom device for the client. This technique is still widely used, but with the innovation of technology many extended benefits plans allow for impression foam boxes and 3D scanners to be used to create the negative cast.

As per Great West Life’s policy, “A 3D image is an acceptable cast when the laser or scanning system directly scans the patient's foot in a non-weight bearing position.”

Custom Knee Braces

Much has also changed with the manufacture of custom knee bracing. The gold standard used to be plaster or fiberglass casting but measurement technology has advanced now it is most common for custom knee braces to be made from an App or a specific measuring device.  These measurements are then used to create a positive mold via various CAD/CAM systems or similar.


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