Why It Is Important To Understand Mastectomy and How It Can Help To Prevent Cancer

Why It Is Important To Understand Mastectomy and How It Can Help To Prevent Cancer

Mastectomy is a medical procedure that has become increasingly popular and common in the recent years. However, not many know the details of this surgery and how and why it is done. Let us try and understand this procedure to be able to comprehend it better.

Mastectomy is the removal of the breast and is generally done in patients of breast cancer. Simple or total mastectomy is the most common procedure. It implies the removal of the entire breast. Lymph nodes in the underarms are not touched and the muscles from beneath the breast are not removed. Mastectomy is conducted on women with multiple or large areas of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) as well as for women who seek prophylactic mastectomies. These are done to avoid the occurrence of breast cancer.

Partial mastectomy is also done wherein the cancerous part of the breast tissue is removed along with some of the normal tissue around it. Lumpectomy is also a kind of partial mastectomy. Another kind of mastectomy is the nipple sparing mastectomy. In this kind, the nipple, as well as the area around it known as the areola, is spared while the rest of the breast tissue is removed.

Prophylactic mastectomy is a procedure that is carried out on women who carry a BRCA1 or BRCA1 gene mutation. This mutation makes such people very susceptible to breast cancer but removing both or one of the breasts can decrease the chances of the breast cancer from occurring. Top notch Hollywood actress and public figure, Angeline Jolie had undergone a double mastectomy to prevent developing breast cancer. Getting preventive mastectomy is a must for those who are extremely likely to develop cancer. It is the only way and the safest and best way to save your life.

Single mastectomy involves removal of one breast while double mastectomy involves removal of both the breasts. With research and more innovation the medical field and cancer, it is now easier for the surgeons to perform the surgery. The surgeons can also perform surgeries that remove only the minimum part of the breast without affecting the overall shape of the body. This is a great procedure that ensures 10-90% safety from breast cancer in women who are more likely to get it and are at a high risk of the disease.

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