5 Signs Indicating Your Child’s Feet Require Medical Help

5 Signs Indicating Your Child’s Feet Require Medical Help

Issues related to ankles or feet do not essentially trigger pain or cause discomfort in one’s childhood. However, it usually takes many years of continuous stress on these body parts for medical problems to come forward, by which it is often quite late for an effectual cure. Thus, it is essential to recognize any kind of feet or ankle related troubles in early childhood.

As we grow adding up countless hours of striding, standing, or running – even a small problem can turn out to be a major one if overlooked. The below-mentioned points can help you identify the early indications of problems concerning feet and ankles:

Lagging Behind in Sports Activities:

Not every child turns out to be an athlete. However, it is still essential to know that the reason behind the same is not always related to one’s aptitude. Getting tired too soon while engaging in sporting activities can also be an indicator of improper functioning. Since the child’s legs as well as feet are being compelled to perform harder, they are unable to match up with their fellow mates. This medical problem is commonly referred to as having flat feet. Under such conditions, the muscles of the legs and feet are under extreme stress, resulting in the child getting tired quite rapidly.

Decreased Passion for Activities:

At times, kids tend to lose their interest in things they once really liked, and there are numerous of potential reasons behind this. Possibly, the child has just grown out of that pursuit; however it is crucial that you determine if it is due to a medical-related issue.

A lot of kids experience pain in their heels that is attributable to constant strain. The consequence of constant strain is a sore growth plate. This part is weaker in kids as they grow up, causing them to be a lot more vulnerable to this kind of problem.

Fearful of Medical Procedures:

Considering the fact that the feet remain covered most of the times, it is not uncommon for kids to hide their feet-related difficultiesfrom their parents. Kids do not disclose such troubles for many reasons and the most common amongst them is their fear of visiting the doctor for medical treatment.

Thus, as a parent, you must ensure to keep a check on your child’s feet for any kind of discomfort or abnormality. The major things to check for are inflammation, ingrowth nails, growth of external mass or hammer toes.

Falling or Tripping:

Almost all kids tend to stumble or fall every once in a while. A child who often tumbles or perhaps falls could be battling with complications related to the feet or balancing. Tripping or stumbling is furthermore a potential early indication of neuromuscular problems.


The child might not feel any kind of pain, apart from the one which results specifically from the fall. Not having any kind of pain does not discard the possibility of a medical issue. It is better to get it checked by a reliable physician.

As parents, you must take all the required steps to ensure proper health of your kids. If your little one is complaining of discomfort, it is advised to go for a foot or ankle brace to treat the condition. Foot braces and ankle braces help in strengthening the muscles, thereby treating your balance or support problem in no time. If you are looking for best-quality braces for your ankle or feet, we have plenty of options for you to choose from, such as Aircast, Active, Medspec, Breg and Ossur ankle braces.  Visit http://www.burnabyorthopaedic.com/ to view all the options.