• Top Myths Related To Orthotics That You Should Debunk Right Away and Take Advantage of Orthotic Equipment Benefits

    1. Orthotics are only for amputees – This is the biggest misconception that people have related to orthotics. The moment they spot some with an orthotic they question if the person is an amputee. This is in fact a sorry state and people need to realize that orthotics are not just for amputees. Orthotics can be worn by anyone with small or major illnesses that require orthotics. Just like any other kind of medications and medical help, orthotics are for everyone.

    2. Orthotics are very expensive – This is a myth which is definitely very untrue. Orthotics are not at all expensive and are in Continue Reading

  • Reasons Why One Should Choose Customized Orthotics Over Generalized Ones

    Customized orthotics are the new and wonderful way to help you deal with so many of the problems that your bodies face daily. Illness is not only that which becomes prominent when it actually comes to has to also take into account that illness which is present inherently in the body and starts showing signs of its presence before actually coming out.

    Customized orthotics can help deal with issues that are inherent as well as with ones that have already onset. One must always choose orthotics that are customized as per your own body over orthotics that are generalized. Customized orthotics are way be Continue Reading

  • Find the Best Customized Orthotic Equipment for back pain in Vancouver Today

    While back pain can be a real botheration, it is not completely incurable. In fact it is very manageable and can be completely cured with the proper medication and advice. Managing back pain does not have to be hard, it is a simple ailment and its cure and management is also simple. There is plenty of equipment for back pain that is available in the market that can ease the pain and make one comfortable and relaxed.

    A lot of people are unaware that back pain can be cause by several factors. Common factors include hereditary issues, accidents and poor posture and so on. Uncommon and lesser known reasons actually include impro Continue Reading

  • Understanding the Important Of Using the Right Orthotic Equipment for Back Pain for Speedy Recovery

    Back pain can be really irritating and it can be something that makes you feel really uncomfortable and uneasy at all times. Back pain is nothing less than a major health concern for all those who suffer from it regularly. However, the truth is that back pain is definitely not untreatable. In fact, it is a very manageable condition which can be managed and controlled with the right advice and correct equipment.

    Equipment for back pain can be easily found anywhere in the market but it is necessary to ensure that whatever equipment you trust in is actually good for your body.

    Customized orth Continue Reading

  • How Customized Orthotics Help You Manage Conditions and Expedite the Healing Process

    What are orthotics?

    Orthotics for feet are really common these days and several people are seen using these. These are basically inserts for the shoes that are made to address certain foot anomalies and issues as well as lower body problems. The material of the orthotic varies largely depending upon the condition of the patient, the need of the patient, the activity level of the patient and other important health factors. Foot orthotics are generally prescribed to patients with foot conditions caused by general ‘wear and tear’. Foot conditio Continue Reading

  • A Close Look at Who All Can Use Orthotic Equipment for A Better Functioning Body

    When it comes to the proper functioning of human body’s mechanics, especially the feet, the foot orthotics play an important role in ensuring correct positioning of bones in different parts of the body like knees, ankles and feet. The muscles and ligaments in the human body lead all the way up to the hips and help in holding the legs in place. But often, they do not stretch enough and lead to an aggravated injury.

    Apart from their support functions, foot orthotics also help in reducing the fatigue and ensure better performance by the body muscles. The tissues con Continue Reading

  • Benefits of Opting For Orthotic Equipment at an Early Stage of Injury

    With advancement in the medical field, Custom Foot Orthotics and Compression Therapy have come up in a big way to treat specific kinds of injuries. Burnaby Orthopedic and Mastectomy is a great place to get all kinds of Custom Foot Orthotics and Compression Therapy which is up-to-date with all the latest medical advancements and made to order for the patient. Let us talk about the benefits if getting orthotic equipment at an early stage of injury.

    The sooner the better – It is no difficult thing to understand that in cases of injuries, the sooner the tre Continue Reading

  • Understanding the Dynamics of Custom Orthotics to Get Better Products for Healing

    There may be a number of reasons that will make you uncomfortable. However, there are also a few that are created solely to make you comfortable. Custom foot orthotics are one such innovation that are super easy to use and are extremely useful to provide the user with a number of great benefits.

    Let us talk about what these custom foot orthotics are.

    A simple foot orthotic is some kind of an insole. It is a kind of medical appliance that can be inserted inside footwear to achieve certain purposes like to realign and support the feet and lower extremities. Other fun Continue Reading

  • Do Not Let Disabilities Slow Down Your Life- Avail Orthopedic Services Today

    Having a major or minor disability should in no way limit your life. Instead, it should be an opportunity to face the challenges of life headlong and to deal with every situation with full confidence. If you require any kind of orthotics or braces, you should go for custom foot orthotics that are made especially for your feet and that give not only your feet but your whole body the confidence and energy that you deserve.

    With Burnaby Orthopedic & Mastectomy, you can now walk with confidence and keep your head held high at all t Continue Reading

  • Body Parts That Can Be Healed and Strengthened Using Orthotics Support Braces

    There are a wide range of custom braces for compressional therapy for the people in need. Different patients need these orthotic braces for varying reasons. Primarily there are about six body parts that can benefit from these support braces and the wearer can attain a comfortable level of movement with them. These parts include:

    Ankle Pains: People suffering from ankle injuries can have prolonged sprains and stress in their ankles. Ankle orthotics can help reduce them and allow the ankle to heal properly till the time it becomes stable and gains enough strength. Foot Pains: A wide range of foot orthotics are available and their uses Continue Reading