• Why It Is Important To Understand Mastectomy and How It Can Help To Prevent Cancer

    Mastectomy is a medical procedure that has become increasingly popular and common in the recent years. However, not many know the details of this surgery and how and why it is done. Let us try and understand this procedure to be able to comprehend it better.

    Mastectomy is the removal of the breast and is generally done in patients of breast cancer. Simple or total mastectomy is the most common procedure. It implies the removal of the entire breast. Lymph nodes in the underarms are not touched and the muscles from beneath the breast are... Continue Reading

  • How to Improve Your Overall Cervical Health with Neck, Torso and Back Braces

    A lot of advancement is taking place in the field of medical apparatus and supporting paraphernalia that supports parts of the body to make the body healthy. Braces for different parts of the body work well to support those parts and make those specific parts more comfortable and eased.

    Braces for the neck are often known as collars. These are extremely useful in case of traumatic head or neck injuries. These braces are very helpful in cases where the patient needs to recover from serious injuries that have affected the neck or the adjoining areas and joints. These are also useful in correcting the posture and in patients wh... Continue Reading

  • Benefits of Opting For Orthotic Equipment at an Early Stage of Injury

    With advancement in the medical field, Custom Foot Orthotics and Compression Therapy have come up in a big way to treat specific kinds of injuries. Burnaby Orthopedic and Mastectomy is a great place to get all kinds of Custom Foot Orthotics and Compression Therapy which is up-to-date with all the latest medical advancements and made to order for the patient. Let us talk about the benefits if getting orthotic equipment at an early stage of injury.

    The sooner the better – It is no difficult thing to understand that in cases of injuries, the sooner the tre... Continue Reading

  • Understanding the Dynamics of Custom Orthotics to Get Better Products for Healing

    There may be a number of reasons that will make you uncomfortable. However, there are also a few that are created solely to make you comfortable. Custom foot orthotics are one such innovation that are super easy to use and are extremely useful to provide the user with a number of great benefits.

    Let us talk about what these custom foot orthotics are.

    A simple foot orthotic is some kind of an insole. It is a kind of medical appliance that can be inserted inside footwear to achieve certain purposes like to realign and support the feet and lower extremities. Other fun... Continue Reading

  • Do Not Let Disabilities Slow Down Your Life- Avail Orthopedic Services Today

    Having a major or minor disability should in no way limit your life. Instead, it should be an opportunity to face the challenges of life headlong and to deal with every situation with full confidence. If you require any kind of orthotics or braces, you should go for custom foot orthotics that are made especially for your feet and that give not only your feet but your whole body the confidence and energy that you deserve.

    With Burnaby Orthopedic & Mastectomy, you can now walk with confidence and keep your head held high at all t... Continue Reading

  • Body Parts That Can Be Healed and Strengthened Using Orthotics Support Braces

    There are a wide range of custom braces for compressional therapy for the people in need. Different patients need these orthotic braces for varying reasons. Primarily there are about six body parts that can benefit from these support braces and the wearer can attain a comfortable level of movement with them. These parts include:

    Ankle Pains: People suffering from ankle injuries can have prolonged sprains and stress in their ankles. Ankle orthotics can help reduce them and allow the ankle to heal properly till the time it becomes stable and gains enough strength. Foot Pains: A wide range of foot orthotics are available and their uses ... Continue Reading

  • Regain Your Lost Confidence with Simple Yet Effective Services Available Today

    Having any disability should not mean that your life is complicated. Any illness or any disease does not have the potential to slow you down. So, live life non-stop with the confidence of a rock star. There are plenty of options in the market that can help you regain your confidence at any time in life. Take a look at some of these here.

    Custom Made Foot Orthotics– These are simply called custom foot supports. They are supposed to fit a foot more efficiently as compared to other kind of arch supports. These are basically used to balance out biomechanical inadequacy of the legs or the feet. This helps a person walk easier and stay more confident about his gait... Continue Reading

  • Knee Braces: Custom Made vs. Off the Shelf

    A commonly debated issue is the need for custom made knee braces versus pre-made, or off-the-shelf, versions.  There are two sides to this debate and this post will provide the advantages of each style of knee braces.

    Off the Shelf Knee Braces

    OTS knee braces are pre-made, typically in sizes small, medium, large, and x-large.  Our experience at Burnaby Orthopaedic is that the most common sizes of knee braces are small, medium and large.  We typically use OTS knee barces as options for less severe injuries, shorter term use, or in cases we are trying to keep costs as economical as possible.  Knee braces are usually fit by taking circumference measurements at the thigh... Continue Reading

  • OTS Foot Orthotics

    Off-the-Shelf (OTS) foot orthotics come in many types and sizes. It can become quite confusing when deciding which ones are right for you! Here is a simple breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of common OTS foot orthotics to better guide your decisions.

    The most common types of OTS foot orthotics are gel pads. These can be bought at pharmacies and athletic stores and their primary function is shock absorption. Analogous to suspensions on a mountain bike, the gel layer absorbs the normal force by dissipating the forces throughout the material. This results in lower peak pressures on the plantar surface of the foot, thus reducing impact when the foot strikes the ground. Thi... Continue Reading

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    Foot Orthotics

    When our business was first established in 1992 the field of foot orthotics was largely one where every prescribed item was made from a plaster (negative) cast ... Continue Reading