• Knee Braces: Custom Made vs. Off the Shelf

    A commonly debated issue is the need for custom made knee braces versus pre-made, or off-the-shelf, versions.  There are two sides to this debate and this post will provide the advantages of each style of knee braces.

    Off the Shelf Knee Braces

    OTS knee braces are pre-made, typically in sizes small, medium, large, and x-large.  Our experience at Burnaby Orthopaedic is that the most common sizes of knee braces are small, medium and large.  We typically use OTS knee barces as options for less severe injuries, shorter term use, or in cases we are trying to keep costs as economical as possible.  Knee braces are usually fit by taking circumference measurements at the thigh... Continue Reading

  • OTS Foot Orthotics

    Off-the-Shelf (OTS) foot orthotics come in many types and sizes. It can become quite confusing when deciding which ones are right for you! Here is a simple breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of common OTS foot orthotics to better guide your decisions.

    The most common types of OTS foot orthotics are gel pads. These can be bought at pharmacies and athletic stores and their primary function is shock absorption. Analogous to suspensions on a mountain bike, the gel layer absorbs the normal force by dissipating the forces throughout the material. This results in lower peak pressures on the plantar surface of the foot, thus reducing impact when the foot strikes the ground. Thi... Continue Reading

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to our Blog!!!

    These blog posts will discuss a variety of topics pertinent to the field of orthotics, breast prosthetics, lymphedema and compression. The content within will be our opinions on issues in the field and concerns we come upon on a daily basis. We carry a wide range of products and the business of orthotics, breast prosthetics and compression is always evolving.  With this in mind we will discuss numerous topics which we feel are timely and pertinent to our readers.

    Foot Orthotics

    When our business was first established in 1992 the field of foot orthotics was largely one where every prescribed item was made from a plaster (negative) cast ... Continue Reading